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Providing life's costly essentials drives customer loyalty

Benefits with a purpose


One goal: Empower our customers

Empowerus believes in empowering people to create a better financial future for themselves and their families. Many low-income communities and communities of color rely on pre-paid and secured cards to conduct the business of daily life. But the products available to these underserved communities lack any additional benefits to help them handle the emergencies that life inevitably bring. We've created a robust program of life-changing benefits that increases loyalty by being there for our customers when times are tough.

An exclusive bundle of unmatched benefits

Empowerus has partnered with industry leaders to create a benefits program that drives acquisition and retention by offering coverage that makes a real difference to customers.

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Mobile Device Coverage
and Protection

One thing that emerged from Covid was that we are tethered to our cell phones. They are the foundation to our daily communication capabilities.


We get our work and school schedules, texting, news, email, social media, internet, GPS, entertainment and of course the apps that we use for our daily functions.


To lose, damage or have your phone stolen can not only set you back financially it can put you out of reach for the most important aspects of your life.


The Empowerus benefits program covers every mobile phone on your bill at no cost with an industry low $25.00 deductible.

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Easy-to-use Discount Pharmacy Program

So many of our low-income families are burdened with a lack of adequate medical insurance. One of those pitfalls is that many of those most important medicines are not covered by these plans. Our discounted pharmacy program on most occasions can save the uninsured or underinsured up to 70-80% off on most prescriptions.


As many as 18 million Americans can’t afford their prescribed medications. That’s 7% of the adult population the United States. If a person makes less than $24,000 a year that number jumps to a staggering 24%.


58% of families with an annual income of less than $40K a year spend more than $100.00 out of their pockets for prescriptions not covered by their plans. These families average at least four drug prescriptions a month.

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Up to $10K of Guaranteed Issued Life Insurance

The worst feeling in the world is no doubt losing a loved one. The second worst feeling has to be the inability to bury that loved one with dignity and without financial stress to the family.


In lower income families especially those of color it's many times a pass-the-hat in church or the community to get them buried. This is not only humiliating but it comes at the worst time for these families.


With the Empowerus benefits program these families automatically qualify for up to $10K of Guaranteed Issued Life Insurance.


No medical exams or complicated questionnaires.

Our partners Empowerus

Empowerus, LLC delivers our exclusive host of benefits through our nonprofit partnership with SCAA (Secure Card Association of America). SCAA is regulated and licensed to distribute all products being offered on the Empowerus platform. Each one of your customers will automatically become members of SCAA’s nonprofit association free of charge.

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Simple plug & play integration

Empowerus benefits are a bolt-on program offering a turnkey solution. Empowerus requires no special licenses, no additional staff, and no dedicated customer service. Our exclusive program benefits are easily added via an API with very little integration. Simply put, it’s a game changer that changes lives.

65 million US families are unbanked or underbanked

Being underbanked can create unnecessary stress on hard-working families. The EmpowerUs benefits program provides peace of mind while helping create a solid financial foundation for our customers and their loved ones.


“In today’s world, our labor force is constantly fighting for more financial security for their families. Empowerus with their amazing set of life empowering benefits, supplies us with the ability to build stronger financial futures for our workers of color.”

Terrence L. Melvin

President of the Coalition for Black Trade Unionists

“As a Bishop I have seen first-hand the struggle a family goes through when they lose a loved one. Empowerus has built the first program that goes to the very heart of this issue. Their program and its no cost benefits package is a blessing to our low-income communities.”

Bishop Harry L. Seawright

Head of Economic Development

for the AME Church

“Rarely do we see a financial tool that empowers low-income families and teaches financial education simultaneously. Empowerus in their quest to supply our lower income families with life changing financial tools has also supplied a valuable financial education in the process.” 

Eloy Ortiz-Oakley

President & CEO of the California College Futures Foundation

"After twenty years in Fintech, working with the most trusted debit and credit brands, it’s clearly evident that account churn is a major issue. Successful programs will need to find a tool to improve retention. Empowerus and its unique bundle of insurance benefits, especially its no cost to the customer life instance, is one such tool. It's like stapling your customer in their seat.”

Philip Cormier

Business Development at Galileo Financial Technologies

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